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If you live in Hollywood there is a good chance you have a beautiful home, one that you have taken great care to be that way.  A beautiful home should have an equally beautiful garage.  The first thing that you see when you see a garage is the garage door - so don't forget to make it shine. At Garage Door Repair Hollywood we want to help you to have the most attractive and functional garage door available.  When it comes to garage door installation we cannot be rivaled and we understand that functionality should always go along with curb appeal.

Whether you are building a home and need a new garage door or you need garage door replacement we have the best choice in Hollywood.  We specialize in Craftsman garage doors, but we have many other brands as well.  Whether you like aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, or wood garage doors we have all of them and we can help you select the best one to suit your style.  And these are not the garage doors of days gone by.  These are the latest garage doors with the latest technology and design elements.

At Garage Door Repair Hollywood we know what type of garage door will work for you. 

Garage Door InstallationWood garage doors are the more traditional garage doors still on the market. They are sturdy, but more importantly they can be beautiful additions to a classic interior. We have a large choice of these architecturally interesting doors to choose from and the staff that knows how to install them.

We also carry aluminum garage doors at Garage Door Repair Hollywood. These doors have been gaining in popularity.  They are a more affordable and lightweight door for the average home. Aluminum garage doors are also very durable when it comes to weather.  They hold up to heat and rain and anything else Hollywood weather cares to dish out.

Of course if you want the most secure and sturdy door available you need to consider steel garage doors.  These doors are great for security purposes and are perfect for more modern homes. Garage Door Repair Hollywood completes many steel garage door installations on celebrity homes because of the security they afford.

When it comes to garage door installation Garage Door Repair Hollywood is the one to call.  It doesn't matter what kind of door you choose, we can ensure that it will be installed with car.  We also install garage door windows, garage door openers, garage door tracks, as well as repair any part that helps your garage door function.  If it was made for a garage door then we have the expertise to install, repair, and service it.

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