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We’ve listed some tips on how you can keep your garage door openers in shape, and much more!

Make immediate repairs

One of the bad habits of garage door owners is that they tend to procrastinate the repairs that their garage door requires. According to our experts in garage door repair Hollywood, even minor repairs should be done immediately to avoid the possibility of bigger damage since they could become bigger if left unattended.

Be familiar with maintenance requirements

Different garage door types require equally different maintenance requirements. While the basic ones are the same, such as cleaning and lubricating, there are other specific and effective ways of maintaining your garage door based on its type. Keep your garage door in top working condition by maintaining it properly, based on its requirements.

Do not operate the opener for more than a few minutes at a time

This is an important safety precaution since these devices are prone to overheating when running for too long. While the components are well protected, overheating may still cause damage, especially to the motor. It is best to let the device rest for fifteen minutes after running two or more cycles in a row.

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