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If you own a garage door that has an automatic opener, the system will have an electric motor. These devices can prove incredibly useful, but also can develop some of the most common types of failures all motors are prone to. When an opener motor completely fails it will need replacement. Much like with a car, this can be avoided with regular servicing and identifying issues before they grow into more serious conditions. Here are a couple of the most common examples:

Limit Switch Malfunction

Garage Door Openers

Many modern garage door opener systems will have a limit switch. If after closing your garage door, the motor continues to run uncontrollably, the problem is likely the limit switch. It can need replacing, or is simply tuned incorrectly which just requires adjusting. It is very important to note that force and limit switches play incredibly crucial roles determining how effectively and safely your door operates. So it is often best to only ever allow trained professionals to tamper with these controls. This malfunction can also be evident if the doors consistently open and close to certain points incorrectly. For example not closing or opening all the way.

Door Doesn't Respond At All

When a door attempts to move but struggles, the fault is usually mechanical, but in cases where commands are completely ignored it's usually a power issue. Either the mains supply has been kicked and unplugged or the breakers or fuse are compromised. If it's none of these issues, the battery could be exhausted and unable to hold enough charge meaning it will need replacement.

Expert Garage Door Opener services

If you have concerns with the way your garage door works, and need a professional to take a look, call us at Garage Door Repair Hollywood today! We provide expert repair, maintenance and replacement for all types of garage door opener designs. There is no issue we can't fix or help with. Whether you have an opener that is modern or several years old, we have the expertise to bring it back to perfect working order. You can call now for more information and pricing quotes.

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