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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Here you will find a list of testimonials written by people who have tried out our garage door service

Broken spring replacement by experts

The story goes like this: I knew my garage door springs needed replacement but I kept postponing it for next week and again for the next one and so on and so forth. Of course, they broke and thankfully no one was in the garage. I called this garage door contractor for the service and what amazed me mostly was that the technicians came to measure my springs first but they still completed the overhead door springs replacement the same day. Their work was excellent. I loved that they gave me a few tips on how to keep safe and checked the door before leaving.

The best maintenance service ever

It was time for garage door maintenance and someone at my work suggested I should try out the service of Garage Door Repair Hollywood. I said “why not”? And so I made an appointment. I was extremely pleased about several things. The technician came at the exact time of our appointment. He came prepared and equipped for the service. He was very meticulous and I really liked that because it had been a while since I last serviced my overhead door. I also liked that he informed me of the problems and carried on with the repairs right away. Excellent work!

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