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When a customer is looking for a service that needs to be done they are looking for an affordable service with quality work. This is what all of our customers will receive at our Garage Door Repair in Hollywood. We offer all different kinds of garage door services. These are everything from garage door repairs to the installation of parts like a garage door opener. We are known as the best garage door company in the area because we always give the highest quality of work into every garage door service that we do.

Garage Door SpringsOne garage door service that our garage door company/contractor offers is with garage door springs. There are extension garage door springs and torsion garage door springs. Either of these can be galvanized garage door springs. Galvanized springs have a coating on them. They are a little more expensive but they last longer and look great hanging on your garage door. All of these garage door springs must be installed or replaced by a professional. They are dangerous to install. Call our Garage Door Repair in Hollywood and let us install them safely.

Anyone who owns a garage door must do garage door maintenance/adjustments on their garage door. We at Garage Door Repair in Hollywood understand that you live busy lives so we will be happy to do this for you. Our garage door contractor will come out and do regularly maintenance lubrication and also check over all parts and make sure there are no problems.

Garage doors are heavy

They can really put a strain on your back opening and closing them everyday. But with a garage door opener your back will never be strained again. We at our Garage Door Repair in Hollywood has Genie garage door opener, Liftmaster garage door opener, Chamberlain garage door opener, Craftsman garage door opener, Sears garage door opener and Marantec garage door openers in stock. All of these openers are top of the line but they are also very heavy. You will need an expert to install it for you. Our garage door company can also make sure the opener matches your drive whether it is a screw drive, a belt drive or a chain drive.

Of course you cam not have a garage door opener without getting the garage door remote also. We have the Clicker, Multi Code, Liftmaster Security or Genie Intellicode garage door remotes that we can install for you.

A great garage door service that we provide is garage door replacement/installation. If your garage door is old and needs replacing or you have a new garage that needs a garage doors then we at our Garage Door Repair in Hollywood can do it for you. In stock we have wooden garage doors, Craftsman garage doors, steel garage doors or aluminum garage doors. We can install these garage doors with you correctly so that you will have no issues with them. We also can replace broken garage door windows.

Our Garage Door Repair in Hollywood also has glass garage doors in stock. We have different styles for you to choose from. We can install these safely for you. Keep in mind if you choose to install one on your own and the glass breaks then you are out all of the money you paid for it.

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